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Keely Cards.

Keely Interface cards.

These consist of a motherboard the others plug into.

Far left, always empty.

Second from left as shown is the "speed feedback" card, the top two presets should never be adjusted by the customers, as these are to adjust the analogue speed feedback signal to the position controller, and this needs to be done whilst monitoring the position controller.

The bottom preset on that board adjusts the jog speed (when wired).

The third from the left, as shown, is the counter card, this receives a signal from the position controller when a move is completed, and stores this until an external cam dictates that the signal should be passed to an external counter.

The forth from left as shown is the "Dwell card", the two presets set the minimum cycling and dwell speeds.

These cards are no longer manufactured, but component level repair and service exchange are available.