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Hopper Filling System.

Following a request from a customer we developed a Hopper filler system to replace an old Jenco system that was unable to be backed up anymore.

As we have written all the software in house, this system should be able to be modified to meet whatever requirements your current system has.

Our brief was to retain the existing 110 Vac control circuit, and as our system requires a 24 Vdc regulated power supply we fitted terminal mounting relays & a Delta 24 Vdc PSU to accommodate this.

This particular system has three pumps with eight hoppers assigned to each pump.

Each hopper is represented by an indicator which will tell you its current state, ok, calling or filling.

You also have indicators to show you the status of the pumps and vacuum of each line.

This screen will show you the data queue of each vacuum line.

You can set a separate "suck" time for every individual hopper

You can set a "delay to active" and "delay to off" for each individual pump.

The delay to active allows the vacuum to build before a hopper begins to fill, the delay to off is the amount of time a pump will run for after its last demand, before it switches off.

You can also set a time period for each individual blowback valve to clear the pump of dust after the pump has been active.

You can set an amount of operations within a settable time period to give an alarm if a particular hopper is calling to often, to identify s split pipe etc. 

If you feel this system may replace your existing failing system then please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are more than happy to either supply this as a kit to you, retro fit your existing system on site, or build it into an enclosure as a complete new project, 

For more information please contact Nigel on 07941 255441

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