RL Controls - Industrial Electronic Drives and Automation

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Pictures & a short description

of a few jobs

Inverters retrofitted in place of dc drives.

New build control panel, designed , built, & installed by ourselves.

New build control cubicle

Inverter retrofitted into customers bag machine

Delta C2000 Flux Vector inverter

retrofitted in place of a DC drive

converting a customers plastics 

extruder to AC.

The square frame motor driven

by the drive pictured above.

Whilst slightly more expensive

than standard frame AC motors

these are the same frame size

and have the same torque

characteristics as the DC motors

they replace

A repaired (by ourselves)

Parvex BTM servo drive

being recommissioned on

a customers Arvor bag

making machine.

An axsys position controller

undergoing component

level repair

A "new build" control panel

utilising the Delta CP 2000

fan & pump inverters,

nearing completion